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The Serpentine Hall

World-renowned for 150 years

The Serpentine Ballroom was created in the year 1865 and was fully restored to its original condition in 1911.
Once built as magnificent dinning room, today the Serpentine hall welcomes its guests 150 years after construction in its original brilliance. 

Today the room represents the ideal framework for all festive occasions.
Paneled with material known locally as "The marble of Saxon Kings", the historical Serpentine Ballroom is the only one of its kind in the world.

In the year of the 150th anniversary the Serpentine hall of Hotel Fürstenhof, Leipzig is awaiting guests with an extraordinary offer for meetings and events in an unforgetable ambiance.

Private celebrations & company events in the Serpentine hall

Make your event become exceptional in the historic Serpentine hall! First-class service & distinctive ambiance are creating unforgetable celebrations.  

Discover our anniversary offer 


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Serpentine stone – Marble of the Saxon kings

The serpentine stone, which can be found in the Ore Mountains in Saxony, is in its characteristics very similar to marble, but differs from it in a unique peculiarity. Unlike other minerals, serpentine cannot only be transformed by the traditional ways of stonemasonry. Its soft texture makes it possible to cut, shape and carve it just like wood. After the rock has dried in the open air it becomes as hard as marble.

The vigorous grain has given the stone its name: “snake stone” – in Latin – serpentine. Almost all European royal courts acquired Serpentine receptacles with gold and silver, as can be seen at the “Green Vault” in Dresden. The precious material was called “The marble of the Saxon Kings”. Today Serpentine stone is no longer quarried, resulting in an increase of the value of the material.

Serpentine Hall - Hotel Fuerstenhof, Leipzig

In 1865, the architect Moritz Muench took over the planning of the reconstruction for the second floor. The new dining room was installed with a stunning interior decoration using the remarkable serpentine stone. The manifold opportunities to carve the material are impressively demonstrated in the Serpentine Room of the Hotel Fuerstenhof, Leipzig.

Particularly soft, light grey serpentine was used for the rosettes of the ionic capitals, for the ornamental friezes as well as for the corner ornaments. The visual centerpiece of the room is the majestic fireplace, decorated with ornaments of green and rare yellow, white, red and brown serpentine stone. Today the serpentine hall offers our guests a unique venue for especially festive events and meetings and remains a one of a kind piece of art.